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There are three main solar power system types; on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid.

On Grid System

Also Known As: On-Grid, Utility-Interactive, Grid-Intertied, or Grid-Direct

- On-grid solar systems are by far the most common at the moment, and they are systems that are connected to the public electricity grid and have no battery storage. Grid-tied solar systems are generally cheaper and simpler to install for its lower equipment and installation costs.





Off Grid System

Also Known As: Of-the-Grid or Stand Alone Renewable Energy

- Off grid systems have no connection to the grid at all. So the solar power is stored in batteries and inverted with a special inverter that can also charge the batteries. In remote locations, stand-alone systems can be more cost-effective than extending a power line to the electricity grid. But these systems are also used by people who live near the grid and wish to obtain independence from the power provider or demonstrate a commitment to non-polluting energy sources.

Hybrid System

- Hybrid solar systems combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power, or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage. It is less expensive than off-grid solar systems. You don`t really need a backup generator, and the capacity of your battery bank can be downsized.