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SUNRI Solar Panel | AR Solar Panel (Australia made)


General Specifications:

  • High efficient solar cells - up to 17.1% with advanced manufacturing technology
  • Excellent performance under High Temperatures and Low Light
  • Robust Aluminum Frame, withstand loads up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400Pa
  • Positive power tolerance of 0 -+3%
Electrical Specification (STC)AR270WAR275WAR280WAR285WAR290WTemperature Rating
Max Power Pm(W)270275280285290NOCT44±2°C
Power Tolerance Pm(W)0-+50-+50-+50-+50-+5Temp Coefficient of P-0.41%/°C
Max Power Voltage V(M)30.931.131.431.631.8Temp Coefficient of V-0.32%/°C
Max Power Current I(M)8.738.848.929.029.12Temp Coefficient of I-0.050%/°C
Open Circuit Voltage VOC(V)38.438.538.738.838.9
Short Circuit Current ISC(A)
Module Efficiency (%)16.516.817.117.417.7Maximum Rating
Operating Temp-40~+85°C
Max System Voltage1000V DC / 1500V DC
Electrical Data (NOCT)AR270WAR275WAR280WAR285WAR290WMax Series Fuse Rating15A
Max Power Pm(W)200204207211215
Max Power Voltage V(M)28.729.029.229.429.6
Max Power Current I(M)6.977. Configuration
Open Circuit Voltage VOC(V)35.535.635.836.036.2Modules per pallet30 piece
Short Circuit Current ISC(A)7.417.477.557.637.71Modules per 40' container840 piece

Mechanical Characteristics
Solar Cell Type156.75x156.75mm Poly
No. of cells60(6 x 10)
FrameAnodized Aluminum Alloy
Junction BoxIP67 Rated
Cables4mm2, 900mm
ConnectorsMC4/MC4 compatible