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LifePo4 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Introducing the new future:

  • Lowest cost if considering its long cycle life (Up to 2,000 cycles 80% DOD)
  • High safety standards
  • Excellent charging and discharging performance
  • Lighter than lead-acid or gel type batteries

ACDC Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

  • Australian design technology
  • Up to 24,000btu capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Up to 100% ENERGY SAVING!
  • Fast cooling around 30s / Powerful heating with 1min provide comfort in time

3.8 Mega Watt Solar Farm

NMV had been part of the successful installation and implementation of 3.8MW Solar Farm in San Ildefonso, Bulacan.

Installed 100kw Solar Set up!

NMV has successfully completed 100kw Solar Installation in one of the biggest Water Refilling Station located in Silang, Cavite. The NMV, an experienced solar installer, were contracted to design an offgrid solar system that will fit to the customer's business requirements for energy and completed with the customer's satisfaction.

Solar Submersible Water Pump

Solar water pump is ideal for use in watering livestock, crop irrigation, industrial water supply and even residential. Especially for remote areas for they get plenty of sunshine. Get an extra eco-friendly boost by using solar energy for your daily lives.